11 Oct

5 mistakes to avoid when buying a sofa

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With the festive season, your living room becomes the main highlight of your house. It is that time of the year when there is an inflow of countless visitors and endless conversations. When a festival like Diwali is just around the corner, everyone goes on a shopping spree and unleashes the inner interior designer in them. It is a good excuse to get rid of old furniture and replace them with the new ones. However, not everyone has the budget and time to redo the entire house from scratch, so they try to give a small or big festive makeover by replacing a few elements of the house.

To kindle the festive feel, a lot of people invest in long-lasting furniture like sofas, beds, dining set etc. A sofa dictates the overall style of the living room and reflects your personality. It gives a new look and energy to the living space with its dynamic style, colours and designs. It is used for a variety of activities like resting, binge-watching your favourite series and get together with your loved ones. It is the centrepiece of your house where you spend the majority of your time.

When you go shopping for furniture, you find yourself lost in gazillions of choices, you tend to make mistakes and take the decision in a hurry. People end up buying things they do not need when they see huge discount boards at the store. Do not forget the phrase “haste makes waste”. You will regret every decision you take in a hurry.

Let’s walk you through the 5 common mistakes that buyers make while shopping sofas for their home.

Not considering the layout of the living space

The most common mistake people make when they are shopping furniture is – overlooking the layout of the living space. You should always keep the layout of the house in mind. Proper measurements of dimensions of the area should be taken before you venture out. If you overlook that, you will end up buying pieces that are either too big or too small for the area of your living space. It’s hard to judge the size of the furniture online and at the store. Be mindful about the size of your room and the kind of sofa it can accommodate.

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Selecting the wrong design and style

There are tons of designs to choose from when you are shopping for a sofa – from contemporary and sleek to antique and bulky. You should buy a sofa which is not just trendy but also functional. Pick out designs that go with the walls and provide you with ample support. It should complement the overall look and feel of your house. Do not get carried away with the stunning display, be rational.

Buying poor quality

Attractive deals and offers are tempting but they do not equate to quality. People often compensate quality with a cheaper price tag. Cheaper sofas will not stand the test of time and start deteriorating in just a matter of months. A good quality sofa lasts for years and saves you money in the long run. Always buy a sofa from reputed manufacturer and check the warranty terms with them. They should be responsive to provide you with after-sale services.

Selecting the wrong material and colour

Sofas come in a variety of fabrics and material – leather, faux leather, synthetic fabrics and natural fabrics. Choose the material based on the usage and placement of your sofa. If you place your sofa in the heavily used area of your home, then the material might not last for long. If you have pets and kids then make sure the material is sturdy enough to put up with excessive movement and spillage.

Another serious mistake people make is choosing the wrong colour, always get swatches to match with your walls and home décor. Choose colours you can like for years without getting bored of them, do not choose colours just because they are in vogue.

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Buying without thinking it through

Most people make decisions by being impulsive and irrational. With that, they end up buying a sofa that they don’t require and something that increases discomfort. People spend most of their time at home lounging on the sofa, give priority to comfort over trends and style. Ask a question related to the material used in the product, research well and compare options.

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