18 Mar

5 Effective tips to increase productivity at work

Office Chairs

1915 – Albert Einstein proposed the theory of Relativity but even more interesting is the fact that he spent the next 3 years to research and come up with the theory in detail. This amount of dedication and commitment is quite unimaginable in today’s corporate world which is full of stress and deadlines. But, there are things that can enhance your concentration and focus to help you be more productive at work. Being more productive is what will make you achieve targets and deadlines in time and beyond expectations. If you’re wondering how you can increase your productivity at work, here are some tid-bits:

1. Use an ergonomic office chair

An average person works for about eight hours every day at office and hence, it is very important that you use a comfortable chair. But it doesn’t mean that you buy just about any chair, it should be ergonomically-designed. Various studies prove that if the right chair is used, work efficiency can be increased almost by 17%. Along with body aches, a wrong chair may also cause fatigue, stress, poor blood circulation and incorrect body posture. Using an ergonomically-designed office chair gives you comfortable sitting experience and keeps you stress-free even after a super busy day!

2. Note down the first three tasks to do

You can make a list of the tasks you have on hand for the entire week but after doing that, it’d be pretty painstaking to prioritize them. So instead of doing that, take a few minutes every morning to think and note down the most important three tasks for that day and then, focus on completing them. This may sound very simple but it is a powerful habit that can increase your productivity.

3. Exercise while sitting on your chair

Continuously sitting for more than an hour in same position may cause strain in the back and shoulders and can also lead to stiff joints. So don’t just sit, but keep doing normal exercises while you are sitting on your office chair. You can stretch your arms, legs, neck or torso. You can also frequently change your position. By maintaining proper blood circulation of your body, these exercises and body movements can keep you fresh and efficient throughout the day.

4. Prioritize and execute one by one

Prioritizing is the best way to accomplish tasks well in time within the stipulated deadline. Make a to-do-list and number the tasks in a priority-wise sequence. Start from the first task and keep finishing the day’s tasks one after the other. It might take some time because the first task in your list might be a lengthy one but ultimately, what matters most is that you’ve accomplished your tasks. And yes, heard about the popular saying: Slow and steady wins the race? It works!

5. Take frequent breaks, they are necessary

Spending the whole day on your office chair without moving around much is something that makes you feel the pain even if you’re just imagining it, isn’t it? You would feel lazy and out of energy even if you wouldn’t have worked much. According to studies, reduced level of physical activities is one of the main reasons of obesity. So take breaks every two hours, if possible! After all, productivity is not about how many hours you can spend at your desk, it’s about how well you utilize your work hours.

It is not tough to enhance your productivity at work. All you need is to plan smartly and put-in focused efforts. So use these tips and get ready for compliments for your enhanced productivity at work by the management.