20 Mar

4 Ways to stop your office chair from being stolen (by your colleagues)


Imagine that you just came to your desk from your boss’s cabin and you find that your chair is missing. How does it feel? You feel like a mother who lost her baby. You look everyone around with suspicion, who are playing cool all this time. And your world starts to fall apart…

We often feel very possessive about our office chairs, even though the chair is actually company’s property. The reason being, we sit on them all day long, adjust them according to our needs and most importantly we sleep on them when no one’s looking.  But sometimes our prized possession gets stolen (intentionally/unintentionally) from us from our co-workers. It could be a painful task to go looking for your beloved chair every time you come back to your place.

But if you are losing your sanity over your chair, then probably it’s time to take some steps to modify your or people’s behavior.  After all sitting on your own chair means a lot, right?

Here are a few suggestions:

Declare It Straight Away

Just label your office chair with your name, designation, department etc. etc. The biggest use of this technique is that you are setting the rules pretty clear. You are marking your territory and you are telling people to back off. On that note… the flipside is that some bloke who either doesn’t care (your boss) or who is dumb enough to ignore your message is going to take your chair anyway. So don’t think that this will always work out.

Set Examples for Others

It’s pretty sure that chair swapping irritates everyone. Every type of chair gets misplaced. Be it Executive chair, Premium chair, Recliner chair or Revolving chair. Why not you take the initiative and set a good example for everyone. Make sure you demonstrate the ideal behavior before everyone, i.e. asking the permission, borrowing the chair, and again returning it back to the original person. Again, it is very important that everyone sees your demonstration. It sends out your expectations pretty clear.

Ask HR for Guidance

This is the safest option of them all. By involving the HR personnel you avoid being seen as the black sheep of the herd and yet achieve your objective without offending anyone

Make Your Chair Undesirable

Well this is most sneaky and dastardly way to protect your chair.

  • Paste an ugly looking sticker to make it less desirable
  • Remove one of the wheels and hide it until you are back
  • Chain it with your desk with the help of your bicycle lock
  • _________________ (for readers)

Oh yes, you’ll probably need prior approval from your supervisor because either he may disapprove of your tactics or ask you to pass on the ugly sticker for himself

Tell us how you feel when your chair gets misplaced or stolen. Drop in your feedback in the comments section.

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