4 Oct

4 tips for buying conference room chairs

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A conference room is the heart of the organization where people sit for endless hours brainstorming and nurturing their visions. It is a place where ideas take shape and turn into a reality, a place where strong connections are built among employees, shareholders and clients. It is also a place where first impressions are made. When it comes to designing and furnishing your conference hall, suitable office chairs play a vital role and are the fundamental accessory. A conference room should feel as good as it looks. It is crucial to choose exceptional furniture for a room that holds so much importance. You cannot overlook the quality and durability of the conference room chairs.

A chair can either benefit you or cost you in infinite ways. You should always be tasteful and mindful about the conference room furniture as they set the atmosphere of the organization. If you keep comfortable chairs in your office, people will think highly of you and say that you care about your clients and employees. However, if you provide them with uncomfortable chairs, it will not only be taxing on the productivity and well-being of employees but also put you in a tough spot. Your employees may regard you as someone who doesn’t care about the health of employees but saving money of the company. It will distract them from work and also lead to bad body posture.

Let’s discuss the things you should consider when shopping for conference chair;


Meetings are not time-bound. They keep going on for hours and require your undivided attention. You have to be active and motivated to pour in your ideas. Your ideas should not take a back seat because of the discomfort caused by the chair. Always choose ergonomic furniture in your conference room. It will not only boost their productivity but also keep their body in good posture by providing support to the spine. Office chair should be kind to the body and stylish to look at as well. It should support you so that you can sink into the solace, tick off the tasks on your to-do list and take an active part in the discussion.

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Choose a material that is built to outlast the normal wear and tear. The options of materials in the market may overwhelm you. The options have faux leather, leather, fabric, vinyl, mesh, wood etc. Leather may be the most sought-after choice because it gives a classy look to the setting, but you may not cope well with it in hot summers.  You can opt for mesh because of the breathability and freshness it promotes. All materials have their own set of pros and cons, weigh them properly to make your investment fruitful.


If you have a beautiful office, but it is not functional and flexible for employees then it will leave them frustrated and uncomfortable. Always assess the needs of your employees and the kind of roles they have at work. Invest in furniture that accelerates them to do more. Chairs should have an exceptional range of adjustments to support multiple postures and to allow movement. They should put your employees at ease and make their performance better.


Furnishing enhances the look and feel of the office. A great conference room design boosts your energy level, eases your stress, and makes you focus towards the given tasks. It should reflect your brand identity and what it stands for – the values and missions. The aesthetics should speak of the personality of your organization. Play with the colour psychology and bring novelty to the heart of your office.

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All things considered

Choosing the right kind of office chair is not an easy decision to make. However, it will be slightly easier if you’re armed with our tips. If you are looking for ergonomic office chair online, then explore HOF products.  HOF is India’s leading manufacturer of office furniture. We have grown in stature and size in the past three decades. We have closely studied the needs of a workplace by serving them and by being in the industry for all these years. We make your workload a bit easier to bear by making your seating hours comfortable. Visit shop.hofindia.com and give a makeover to your organization!