11 Aug

4 Steps To Your Perfect Office Chair

Office Chairs

Do you spend most of your office hours sitting on a chair? Did you know that prolong sitting without adequate lumbar support coupled with a sedentary lifestyle can impact and shorten your life? On the work level this contributes to fatigue and lack of productivity at work. So, how do you choose a trusted chair manufacturer to buy chairs online, one that offers both value and comfort?

We at HOF present first of its kind HOF Health-Positive chairs. These office chairs are ergonomically advanced chairs that help you stay relaxed and focused. The HOF ranges of chairs are scientifically designed by world-class ergonomic designers and product-designers to offer maximum comfort and support to your spine.

4 Steps to your perfect office chair

At HOF we aim to deliver seating solutions that matter to you and your business success. The entire design and manufacturing process transcends across 4 incremental stages that eventually contribute to the success of HOF chairs. From product designing stage to final production, each of the stage is meticulously planned and designed to deliver you your perfect chair. The 4 steps are:


The stage involves in-depth research of current global trends and design innovations in office furniture and home décor furniture to cultivate the theme and design of an office chair. Once the office chair concept and design theme is finalized, it’s time to chalk it out on paper.

Office Chairs


The expert furniture designers and artists then bring the concept to paper and give a more practical solution that works for the Indian market. This is when the concept gets a face.


The third stage involves establishing the product development strategy and meeting the complexity of design problems. This stage involves thinking about what materials to be used, what should be the ideal height and weight of the furniture to craft a HOF health-positive chair.


The HOF team researches human anatomy and then derives upon the ideal structure and position for sitting in order to stay healthy and contribute to a productive and high-performance workplace.

The chairs are crafted in the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility spanning 1,69,290 sq.ft. equipped with the best-in-class automatic and pneumatic machinery and most advanced technologies so that you get assured quality and value for money.

Discover the wide range of ergonomically designed chairs for office and home to choose your perfect by India’s leading chair supplier at amazing discounts this season.