18 Oct

4 reasons your Sofa is the most important element of your living room

4 reasons your Sofa is the most important element of your living room
Before you start decorating your house with diyas and unleash the festive spirit this Diwali, there’s one thing you cannot miss out on i.e. furniture. Apart from sweets distribution, endless conversation, putting on new clothes, Diwali is also about welcoming new energy and a fresh start with open arms. It is about giving a new look to the house by saying goodbye to the old furniture and saying hello to the new ones. It’s a festival which is incomplete without a magnificent setup, where you can be the perfect host. Nothing completes a living room like the elegant set of sofas.

A sofa is the most critical aspect of the interior of your living room. It is a classic piece that becomes the center of attraction of your home. It is an extension of your personality; you reflect it through the various designs and styles. It is undoubtedly the most important furniture item in your house. The sofa has gone through a remarkable transformation and it keeps evolving because of changing preferences. From hardwood frame to delicate steel frame, the designs have drastically changed. However, you choose what goes with the theme of your house and office space.

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Let’s walk you through the reasons why a sofa is the most important element of your house.

It is a great investment

If you rule out electronics, fabric sofas will be the most expensive item of your living room. Investing in an elegant piece won’t be a bad decision as they last for a good number of years or even decades. Top-quality furniture provides you with good years of service because they are sturdy and made of durable items. They also enhance the theme and aesthetics of the house.

Most used furniture

Just like planets revolve around the Sun, you, your family and pets revolve around the sofa of your home. It is the coziest place in your house where you, your family and guests spend the majority of the time. It is the heavy-traffic item. If you are single, you probably spend your night binging on your favourite series or invite your friends over at the weekend.

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If you’re living with your family, then your kids spend their time playing video games and pretty much grow in the area. And yes, do not forget the pets, you must be playing fetch games with them there and they probably fall asleep on it. With all these activities, it becomes the most utilized piece of your house. 

Anchor piece of your living room

A sofa sets the tone of your living space, it is the anchor piece around which you set up the rest of the elements of the house. The design of the sofa defines you as a person and so are the other pieces arranged around it. The design of the sofa also establishes the mood of the house – if you choose a vibrant modern chesterfield, you’ll be considered lively and if you choose a classic tuxedo, you’ll be considered downbeat.

It is your comfortable haven

Most of us set up our entertainment area around our sofas. They are often used as the second bed or daybed in most of the houses. When you want to relax and laze around, you just curl up on your sofa and rest. It is one of the most comfortable pieces of the house. In winters, you just take your favourite book with a cup of hot chocolate in the living room, start reading and zone out on your sofa in no time. It’s your peaceful haven which ensures utmost comfort.

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At HOF, we understand all these reasons and craft sofas that are perfect for you. The ones that give you unmatched comfort and be your style statement as well. This Diwali, turn your house into a flawless reunion venue with stunning sofas by HOF. Get the title of best host for setting up a great place for your get together and endless chit-chats. Explore the wide range of sofas on shop.hofindia.com and give your living space a much-needed festive makeover.