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4 reasons why student chair is an important element of your children’s room

4 reasons why student chair is an important element of your children's room

A student spends his/her time sitting and studying for prolonged hours just like the adults in the workplace. Parents often overlook and fail to realize that uncomfortable sitting may give rise to back pain, physical stress and bad body posture at a very young age. Beyond all these physical effects, it also has a major impact on the learning environment. In workplaces, adult ergonomic was introduced to address the complications given by extended hours of seating. The same logic can be applied for students too, as they spend more than 12 hours sitting, first in school and then at home. It is well documented that if your children’s room doesn’t have an ergonomic chair, then it will affect their cognition process i.e. lack of attention, lower sense of achievement and poor memory.

4 reasons why student chair is an important element of your children's room

Children have highly individualized nature as they sit in gazillions of positions. They lead an active lifestyle, so even if they seem like they are sitting still, their bodies are constantly making small or big movements. All these macro and micro-movements are crucial for their healthy well-being. Conventional student chairs used to enforce upright sitting postures which created unwanted muscle exertion. An ideal learning environment should support their active lifestyle and healthy posture from a young age. Let’s discuss the four reasons which make student chair an important element in your children’s room;


An uncomfortable chair makes your children irked, distracted and unproductive. You can flip this situation by creating a student-centric environment with flexible ergonomic student chair. That will increase their engagement and keep them focused. It is one of the essential elements that encourage better learning and absorption of information. Ergonomics establishes a correlation between mind and body, which doesn’t just engage with the student mind, but also with the whole body. With the evolving learning environment, we need to strike a balance between mental and physical well-being to promote mental agility and undivided attention in students.

4 reasons why student chair is an important element of your children's room

Encourage movement 

The movement encourages learning! Parents and teachers used to think that you are engaged and focused if you sit in an upright position, which in reality is a myth. Your kids start developing a posture at the age of 7, it is important to provide them with a chair that encourages positive body posture. It also gives them a choice to sit according to their preferences. Ergonomic chairs come with multiple adjustments and exceptional back support to promote movement.

Physical well-being 

Flexible seating allows your children to move in multiple positions i.e. they can rock, bounce, wobble, lean back, sit upright and relax as and when needed. These movements increase the flow of oxygen to the brain and blood flow, resulting in more focused mind and a healthy body.  Conventional chair restricts the active movements and adjustments your body does to make the seating comfortable. On the contrary, ergonomic student chairs encourage natural movement and relaxed seating experience. 

4 reasons why student chair is an important element of your children's room

Create ideal learning scape

Ergonomic student chairs can transform the learning experience of your children. Students are more motivated and perform better when the learning environment around them is functional as well as flexible. Ergonomics encourages students in developing critical thinking and life skills i.e. creativity, problem-solving, collaboration and flexibility. It is an important element to create an ideal learning scape for students. 

4 reasons why student chair is an important element of your children's room

Pulling it all together

Ergonomic chairs are not just a fad for workplaces, it is going to evolve into the way all seating areas operate. Redesigning your children’s study room will ensure a higher level of productivity and lower level of distraction. At HOF, we always explore the issues students face when they study and design products that can cater to their needs. We believe that students deserve healthiest, study environment and it can be done by providing them with top-notch study chairs. We create ideal pieces for schools, institutions and houses to create the perfect learning environment. If you need help in the selection of right student chairs online, then visit shop.hofindia.com and find the most comfortable student chairs.