27 Sep

4 reasons that make fabric sofa maintenance easier than a leather sofa

4 reasons that make fabric sofa maintenance easier than a leather sofa

A sofa is integral centrepieces of your living room, a place where you relax after a long day at work, entertain your guests and a play area for your kids. Picking up a brand-new sofa for your house and office is a major decision, it is a time-consuming and challenging process. You have to consider various factors like cost, comfort, care requirements, material, style and durability.  Moreover, you also have to assess the pros and cons of various materials available in the market. The material you choose should enhance the aesthetics, suit your lifestyle while ensuring its longevity and functionality.

When you’re in a dilemma and don’t know whether you should go for leather or fabric, let your practical mindset guide you. Fabric sofas are way more rewarding than their leather counterparts, they are more affordable, flexible, comfortable and durable. However, sofa material is entirely dependent on the kind of person you are – trendy, sophisticated or laid-back. If you are someone who keeps experimenting with the look of the house and picks up the trends as soon as they roll out in the market then you should choose a material you can improvise with. Fabric sofa should be your go-to material so you can style it according to your preferences.

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Let’s run you through the reasons why fabric sofa is considered an easier one  to maintain:

1. Care requirements

In fabric sofa, the grade of fabric decides the wear and tear of the material. However, most homeowners invest in durable and high-quality fabric like denim, cotton, velvet and microfiber. Sofas with such fabrics are often treated with scratch and stain-resistant finish so you can wash them with the handheld cleaner to mitigate spillage. You can keep the fabric clean by regular vacuuming, by lifting crumbs and dirt from the weave.

2. Flexibility

All materials are bound to lose their charm after a certain period of time.  Unlike leather material, when the fabric material gets tarnished by the high use, you can enjoy the freedom of replacing them. Fabric sofas are flexible as you can play with their style and give them a new look as per your needs. Fabric material and framing are quite affordable than leather material, so you can spruce up the look of your house at a reasonable rate. There is not much work and cost involved in fabric sofa upkeep.

3. Kids and pet-friendly

If you have your beloved furballs in your home or if your family is extending then fabric sofa is the right choice for your living room. These sofas come with removable slipcovers so that you can clean them easily as and when needed. Fabrics on such sofas are scratch-resistant, so you can throw caution to the wind and let your pets play.

4. Fabric material does not sag or wrinkle

Unlike leather sofa material, fabric sofa withstands daily wear and tear better. The leather material tends to sag and gets wrinkly after a few years of use, which makes it less attractive and less comfortable. On the other hand, fabric sofa material does not sag with high use which clearly gives it the upper hand.

All things considered

Your sofa is a lifetime companion of your house, it does not only reflect your lifestyle but also manages your relaxation requirements. Fabric sofas are an ideal choice for most of the houses than leather sofas for so many good reasons. They can be reupholstered if the design does not match your new room aesthetics. They give your house a more relaxed and casual look, a sofa where everyone can come and sit. Fabric sofas allow endless creativity with patterns, colours, textures and weaves. They are always at the forefront of fashion.

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