30 Aug



Work culture in modern workplaces has become nerve-racking and taxing because of increased competition as it demands one to work extra, physically and mentally. The imbalance between workplace design and employees’ physical demands are the reasons why workers feel unmotivated as they spend most of their time being seated in one static position. Employers often overlook the design and end up creating a workplace which fails to bear the desired fruits for them.

Nowadays, workers are exposed to musculoskeletal disorders which are caused by working in awkward postures, bending, reaching overhead and doing similar tasks repetitively. HOF encourages employers to be wary of such risks and optimize their workplaces with ergonomic furniture. The ultimate goal of ergonomic furniture in the workplace is to reduce stress and eliminate the risk of injury caused by work. Since 1986, HOF has aimed to manufacture ergonomically advanced chairs to propagate productivity, focus and efficiency. It delivers the promise of a better workplace with its top-of-the-line office chairs.

In modern workplaces, the core objective of the employers should be improving productivity by integrating ergonomics profoundly into all departments of the workplace. Productivity, safety and well-being of employees should be on the top of the employers’ to-do list. Employers should focus on making the job fit the person, not the other way round by providing with the necessary physical requirements in the workplace design. Physical requirements such as right furniture, tools, types of equipment and right ambience are imperative to ensure safety and comfort.

Here are four proven benefits of ergonomics in the modern workplace and why it should be a priority while designing an office;


Ergonomic furniture has a profound impact on employees’ well-being and productivity. Employees spend half of their day in the workplace being seated in the same position. If you provide them with the right furniture, their productivity will be manifold.  There will be less exertion, less discomfort and less fatigue. It will be a key contributor to your employees’ efficiency and alertness.


Poor workplace design leads to frustrated and fatigued workers who will not work to their best abilities and not enjoy themselves at work. If you introduce ergonomics in your workplace, not only the quality of their health, but also the quality of their work will be improved. If employers design a workplace with ergonomics in mind, they can diminish stress in their employees, can make them comfortable and enhance the overall work quality.


If employers put forth their best efforts in ensuring employee engagement by their continuous efforts towards better work design and ergonomic practice, there will be improved employee involvement. It will lead to low employee turnover rate, improved morale and less absenteeism. It will showcase your company as a brand that invests in the well being of its employees by safeguarding them.


Healthy employees are the most valuable assets for any company. If you provide your employees with exceptional work culture, it will boost their work ethic. Better work culture ensures safety when employees are in your facility, it adds significant value to your company.

All things considered

Make the right move today by adopting ergonomics while designing a workplace. If your workers spend more than 8 hours a day, then it is your responsibility to create a productive work environment for them with active seating method. Get ergonomic chairs that support their body posture, ensure comfort and boost productivity. Choose from the wide variety of chairs from HOF. Visit shop.hofindia.com NOW.