3 May

4 Items Every College Student Needs To Become A Successful Individual

ergonomic office chairs for short people

College demands students to invest a good number of hours at honing their skills and in order to do that, they require a productive workplace and headspace.

How often do you see your parents asking you to sit straight and maintain a good posture while studying? Pretty much every hour. Right?

You tend to disregard the advice your parents give you and overlook the consequences that you are going to face in the long run. Spending long hours sitting in the same place, working on your computer system and stress can sprain your spine and will tighten up the muscles around your neck, shoulders and back.

Moreover, these things give birth to bad posture as you hunch, lean and sag to try coping with the tension you feel. If you do not correct your posture and do the needful then it might haunt you forever.

To inculcate good study habits, you need a space where you can focus on your work and furniture to support it.

Read on to learn about the pieces that will prepare you for the upcoming battles you’re going to fight in your college days during exam season.

Work Surface

You get a surface to work and study in a college but when you are at home, you need a place to do your course work. Most of the students tend to study in their beds and the comfortable couches, they don’t just make you sleepy but take your focus away.


Know the purpose every piece of furniture serves! Beds and couches are meant to provide you comfort and are used for relaxing. College students need to give their undivided attention to their books, which is hardly possible when you’re on your couch. So, always choose furniture that promotes a productive state of mind and helps you focus.

Your parents should invest in a desk. A surface with enough room for your knee to settle in. It should be big enough to accommodate your study material, computer and stationery. The computer should be at an arm’s length and should not strain your eyes. It should be of adequate height so you don’t have to bend forward and move upwards.

Ergonomic chair

A long study session takes a toll on your body and it will leave you uncomfortable and annoyed if you sit on a chair which is not supporting your body and you have to readjust the seat. The importance of a good chair cannot be pressed enough. Every parent should invest in a chair that helps their child in maintaining a good body posture and keep them from getting any health issues related to it.


College of Health and Social Sciences, San Francisco State University did research on students and found out that with a good posture you can take charge of yourself. It can put you in an empowering, upright position. They found out that our thoughts and emotions are represented in our bodies and our bodies can change our thoughts.

HOF is a pioneer in crafting chairs that are suitable for students. It brings a variety of chairs which are sturdy and comfortable enough to get you through the long reading and writing session.

Task Light

Sharing your room with your siblings or roommate? There will be times when you want to study when everyone else is sleeping and for that, you might need task lights to study in peace without breaking other person’s sleep. Invest in a light where it targets the area you need light in and with adjustable multi-touch dimmer.


Make sure your room is well – lit and there is no light coming from the backside when you are looking at your screen, otherwise it’ll make you move upward and strain your eyes.

If the lighting is not optimal then it might give you a sensation where you’ll find it hard to focus on your study material. Studying in such scenario will decrease the rate of blinking by drying up your eyes and lead to discomfort.

Monitor Arm

As per ergonomic principles, students should be able to raise and lower the position of the monitor for a comfortable view. Never underestimate the power of good posture, long screen time might give you back and neck pain if the posture isn’t correct. It also helps you declutter your desk space and make it look minimalistic. Invest in a good scalable and customizable monitor arm.

To create a rewarding learning environment and enhancing the learning ability of students, it is important for you to gather the right tools and furniture.

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