11 Jul

4 Hilariously beautiful office chairs to consider for your office now

Office Chairs

Your office space reflects your personality which is why you should pay proper attention while decorating it. Right from the interior to furniture – everything should relate to your choice. Specifically in case of an office chair, you need to pay attention as you have to spend several hours on it every day. At the same time, it has to give you comfortable sitting experience all day long.

We, at HOF India, have a collection of beautiful chairs that are designed ergonomically. Have a look at 4 such options of classy office chairs:

No. 1: BOSS 421: The BOSS of all chairs

This contemporary office chair is something every BOSS would love to have. Having sleek and appealing design, BOSS 421 is a perfect combo of style and comfort.

Price: INR 44,505
Buy from here.

Boss Chair

Thumbs up for:

  • Maintains natural spine posture
  • Well-padded armrests
  • Tilt-swivel mechanism
  • Casters to glide the chair in different set-ups
  • 4-way adjustable mechanized head rest for better head support
  • Knee tilt synchro mechanism with multi-position lock arrangement
  • Cantilevered arm rests to support shoulders

No. 2: ZYDO: Your throne of power

This premium ZYDO office chair adds an aura of leadership to your office cabin. Its luxurious leather with attractive styling makes it a masterpiece.

Price: INR 28,000
Buy from here.

Office Premium Chair - Zydo

Thumbs up for:

  • Centre tilt mechanism with single back lock
  • Anti-topple Chrome base with 50mm nylon castor
  • Veneer finish polished arms with Aluminum die-casted handle
  • Seat-PU mould, S-curve back design for better back support

No. 3: LUZO: Luxe and elegant

Made for professionals, LUZO itself makes a powerful statement. Its decorative design and rich leather texture make this office chair a classy must-have.

Price: INR 26,501
Buy from here.

Ergonomic Office Chair - Luzo

Thumbs up for:

  • Advanced ergonomics
  • High durability
  • Anti-topple MS Chrome base with 50mm nylon castors
  • Curved veneer finish polished arms with cushion grip
  • Seat-PU mould, S-curve back design for better back support with zebra-finish natural polished arms

No. 4: MARCO 1007H: Value-for-money piece

Fine craftsmanship, breathable mesh back and ergonomic design of MARCO 1007H complements your quest of excellence. Available at affordable rate, this office chair is a value-for-money piece.

Price: INR 13,430
Buy from here.

Buy Office Chair - Marco

Thumbs up for:

  • Highly porous material to aid thermal transfer
  • Cantilevered arm rests to support shoulders
  • Synchro mechanism with single position lock arrangement
  • 4-way adjustable mechanized head rest for better head support
  • 4-way adjustable lumbar support for better posture
  • Cushion in seat and mesh in back, waterfall design seat for better thigh support


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