19 Apr

4 Chairs That Can Help You Beat The Heat

4 Chairs That Can Help You Beat The Heat

The scorching summers are here! Sticky summer mornings and restless nights make your office woefully underprepared for its intensity. Heat follows you everywhere you go and nestles into your seating space, making it difficult to effectively work and focus on tasks at hand.

We, at HOF know that organisations are looking for solutions to avoid the summer heat and to make the environment of the office more comfortable for their employees. With regards to beating the heat, the accentuation is on the core material that can provide ventilation and has insulation properties. To cater to the summer furniture needs, HOF has come up with Air series chairs.

We have designed products with mesh back which ensures a good body posture, improves body movement and keeps your staff at ease all day. Mesh chairs not only add the ventilation element but also provide ergonomic solutions to the health issues you and your employees may face while working for long hours.

Why Mesh Back Chairs?

HOF likes to educate its customers on the benefits of keeping mesh chairs as their workstation partner.

Breathable Back

Mesh material lets your chairs breathe, allows air to flow freely from outside to the person who’s sitting on it. Upholstered chairs block air and cause discomfort by making you sweat. Mesh back provides you with freshness, ventilation and aids in concentration while working.

Low Maintenance

Not only the insulation components help in comfortable seating, but also make your chair more convenient to maintain by not locking the sweat, odour and stain in the back. Mesh makes the look and feel of the chair fresh and dry.

Modern Touch

The Air series chairs are visually appealing and add to the overall look of the organisation. They are flexible, slim, sturdy and available in colours that make the office space aesthetically pleasant.

Endless Ergonomic Support

Most Air series chairs are ergonomically designed and shaped. These chairs have been designed to provide your back with the support it needs to function in long office hours. It makes you adjust the seat, according to your preferences, ensuring good posture.

For summer days, it’s important for you to choose the chair that works best for heat, keeping your employees cool and comfortable all along. Here are the best HOF chairs for hot and humid weather! 

  1. Silon

4 Chairs That Can Help You Beat The Heat - SILON

Fatigue can hamper the productivity of your workforce. During the summer, it’s a common enemy present in every nook and corner of the workspace. HOF Air Series chairs help you fight back these stubborn enemies. Silon is ergonomically shaped to tackle such situations. With a durable mesh back and advanced operating mechanism, finding the optimal setting is easy. It has unique lumbar support and it’s available in medium and high back.  

  1. Kenzo Air

If you’re looking for comfort and style, then you can’t go wrong with Kenzo from Air series, known for providing excellent support. It is built to last with fabrics woven tightly, giving it a strong look. It is a perfect blend of ergonomics and modern engineering techniques. The frame is made of aluminium, giving it visual simplicity. It is available in medium and high back. 

  1. Evior

Evior high back chair from Air series boasts a comfortable padded seat and an eye-catching frame. It adds a contemporary look in your office space. The frame makes the movement easy, it lets you raise and lower your seat, rock back and sit straight at your ease. It helps you in maintaining the correct posture. 

  1. Oliviya 3007

Last but not the least, Oliviya 3007 is an elegant summer friendly chair is a symbol of class blend with comfort.  It is perfect for conference rooms and private office desks. It is one of the most versatile pieces available in the airy back chair market. This chair gives an edge to any office space with its high-end adjustment features.

HOF offers a stunning range of products to choose from and helps you beat the heat with its air series collection. Our executives can help you with the best-suited products for your office space according to your needs. You can also stay updated with HOF on our social media platforms and/or visit our website on shop.hofindia.com