14 Jul

3 Things you need to know about buying a modern sofa online


Buy Sofa Online

Buying a sofa online or at a store is a big investment and fun too. Sofas set the design theme for a room and especially in case of homes, the family-friendly sofas freshens up the living room to complete the home.

While the choice of the sofa design depends on your lifestyle this ultimate guide to buying sofas online ensures that you make a profitable investment. Explore amazing tips and ideas to buy the best-quality sofa that you can afford.

Sturdy Construction:

A sofa must have a sturdy, heavy and solid wood structure. A quick way to identify that is to lift one edge of the sofa to test its weight and construction, if the sofa feels unsteady or light, simply ignore it because it will not be able to withstand the wear and tear. Equally important is that the structure has a termite proof wood for easy maintenance and durable comfort.

High Density Foam:

If the foam in your sofa is not high density it can lose its reboundability and wear out quickly. Denser the foam, the longer your sofa will last. High-end sofas have three or four different layers and thickness of foam between the frame and the fabric.

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Premium Fabric:

A sofa is used for multi-purpose uses and apart from a family meeting point; a sofa should suit your lifestyle. Therefore a premium fabric that is bulky, comfortable and soothing makes all the difference in fabric sofas. High-end sofas have premium fabric stitched on German machines for better rub and tear resistance. Ensure smooth transitions in fabric on edges with clear lines which translates into high-durability. Choosing dark upholstery is generally a great idea however if you wish to infuse Scandinavian aesthetics into your home, then sofas like the HOF Victa or HOF NAPOLI make a great style statement.

Looking to buy sofa online? Ensure that you look for site review, product reviews on various marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon if available. Also read the return policy and shipping cost.

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