27 Apr

3 Things to Consider while Designing a Perfect Study Area

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Student life turns out to be a lot trickier in managing between a mixture of lessons, revisions, tests and having a social life. However, having a dedicated study area shouldn’t be difficult irrespective of whether you are living in your home or in an accommodation.  There should be a little space where you can settle down to study in peace. A dedicated personal study area can encourage you to get your work done. Here are a few tips to help create a perfect study area in a decent budget:

 Keep the study desk organized

Having a tidy study desk is essential to help build constructive study habits, organization skills and a clear mind for concentration. If you have a messy desk, it will surprise you that how much an organized desk can affect your productivity.  The very first step for an organized desk would be to remove all the unnecessary items. Update the desk by getting rid of out of date calendars. Ease of accessibility of the items on the desk is also an important aspect. Rearrange the items in a manner where the most essential items are close at hand. All the papers lying about in the room can be neatly filed in the folders and one can always use labels to keep it more organized.

Create a motivational study area

While designing your study area all you need to ask yourself is, “Do I want to study here?” The whole idea of having a study area is to have calm and relaxing room so that your productivity is at its peak. The study area should have minimal distractions. Some accessories like motivational quotes or a personalized pin board will make sure that the entire room does not look dull.

Comfortable Seating

A comfortable seating arrangement goes a long way in maintaining focus while studying. A study buddy chair like Priviya 7004 with its ergonomic features makes sure that your study chair doesn’t become a reason for distraction. Moreover, its mesh back ensures that a student is at ease even in hot and humid weather. Variety of color options in the chair will also contribute in adding that pop of bright color in the study room.


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