6 Oct

3 Benefits of Choosing Leatherette For Your Office Chairs

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Ergonomically designed office chairs today go beyond than just their functional advantages. They are both a style statement that echoes your brand personality as also a medium to promote a culture of well-being in the organization.

Among the major factors when buying office chairs online, the choice of fabric stands out for its ability to enhance the comfort and look of the chair. Office chairs are available in an extensive range of fabrics including full-grain leather, leatherette, mesh, vinyl or rexin, among which leather and leatherette give a distinct luxurious appeal to your chair and workspace.

HOF chairs blend design, functionality and performance to help you work better and produce better results. As one of India’s leading office chairs suppliers, HOF offers a wide arrays of office chairs online and through their flagship store HOF Zone, in extensive range of leatherette in attractive colors to match your décor requirements.

3 Benefits of Choosing Leatherette For Your Office Chairs

Discover the benefits of choosing leatherette for your HOF office chair and know why it makes the perfect choice for your office.

Same Luxurious Look as Leather:

Leatherette offers the luxurious appeal and look of leather, however without the low porosity of authentic leather that makes it durable. Unlike a limited palette of colors in full-grain leather, leatherette is available in stunning colors. Moreover the quality of faux leather has gotten so realistic in recent years that it looks and feels so much like the real leather especially with a hand-stitched look.

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They are affordable and have a cost advantage over the more expensive leather upholstery. Full-grain leather is natural, authentic and prized for its natural patina. While leatherette is more expensive than rexin, they also add the luxurious appeal to office chairs.

Wears Better and Durable:

New technology now gives leatherette the quality and durability of real full-grain leather, thus making them an excellent value for money and a great style statement. Unlike leather, leatherette has low porosity that makes them spill and stain resistant, thus making them easy to clean and a great investment.