9 Feb

2018 Office Furniture Trends

Office Furniture

Office Furniture trends in 2018 seem to shift their focus from specific models and brands and instead turns the attention of everyone towards designing an innovative workspace. A contemporary work environment requires constant tweaking to serve to the changing needs of employees and the business. Design of the workspace should promote flexibility and functionality, while catering to the diverse nature of the workforce.

Introduction of soft furniture in collaborative workspaces for ‘home away from home’ feel is gaining momentum. This is because need for flexibility and relaxation among employees during a typical workday is on the rise. The design used in the offices is evidence that the businesses are not only prioritizing productivity but also the well-being and comfort of their employees.

For businesses setting up new offices or redesigning their offices, the trend of human centered office setup will help them retain employees. In the coming months, office furniture will foster continued collaboration. Designing collaborative workspaces should be an intentional decision which results in natural interaction between the employees. For instance, a large office desk allows more than one employee to sit and work together comfortably in the same space.

To optimize the office space and give it a modern look, companies prefer getting rid of clutter in an office décor. This thought leads to the adoption of minimalistic office design. Minimalist approach is characterized by high quality furniture and low on component count, resulting in simpler space planning and furniture installation. This trend is here to stay as organizations will continue to embrace simplicity as an integral element of their office design.

Furthermore, more and more employees are opting for work-from-home arrangements. Keeping this in mind, office spaces are designed in a manner where employees actually want to be – a place where they will happily spend some extra time to complete their tasks for the day. If the employees feel more comfortable in their work environment, they will feel less pressurized, allowing creativity to flow more freely.

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